Workshop Name Conducted by  Footfall  Date   Description
Photoshop Workshop Shivam Mishra  28  4th and 5th August 2017  Imparting basic and intermediate skills in Photoshop 
 VR Talk  Shivam Sai Gupta 112  21/08/2017  Introduction to VR and AR
Introduction to Linux Joel Braganza & Abhishek Nair  42  28/8/2017  Introduction Linux OS with commands and the concept of Open Source was introduced.
 Wordpress Workshop  Yash Agarwal, Vinayak Gaonkar  45  28/8/2017  Students were taught how to make websites and blogs with WordPress.
 ML Talk  Prof. Uday Nayak  70  25/9/2017  Understand the benefits of ML to society and technology.
 After Effects Yash Gupte, Meldon Dias, Christine Polly,Brian Castellino 31 02/09/2017  Understanding the post production of film making and television production.
 Blender Radhika Patil, Aishwarya Sasane  7  13/01/2018  Using the given tool to create animations, interactive 3D application, visual effects.
 Codechef Walkthrough  Pratik N, Kyle L, Calden R, Chaitanyakrishna D  17  21/08/2018  To understand how to submit programming questions online on platforms like codechef and hackerearth and to get comfortable with it.
 Photoshop Battles  Creative Team  14  2/09/2018  A Photoshop Competition
 Bewebber  Sarah Solkar  11  8-09-2018  Introduction to HTML, CSS, Javascript.
 Ethical Hacking Meetup Shadrak Gurupnor  20  10/09/2018  Introduction to ethical hacking.

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 Trivia Name  Date   Question   Answer  Winner
 Week 1   20/08/2018  
You are given two numbers- a and b. The problem consists of finding the last digit of the potency of base a and index b.  Value of base a: (0 <= a <= 20), value of index b (0 <= b <= 2,000,000,000), a and b both are not 0. You have to find the last digit of a^b.
Input: x = 8, y = 7^31

Step 1: Scan a,b

Step 2: c = a%10 (unit digit of base)

Step 3: if(c == 0 OR c == 1 OR c == 5 OR c == 6)

              Unit = c

if(c == 4 OR c == 9)

    Rem = b%2 (remainder after dividing by 2)

    If(rem == 1)

          Unit = c

    Else if( c == 4)

          Unit = 6


           unit = 1

Step 5: if(c == 2 OR c == 3 OR c == 7 OR c == 8)

Rem = b% 4(remainder after dividing by 2)

Unit = (power(c,rem))%10

 Mushira Shaikh
 Week 2


When Calden was studying in the library, he read the following quote: "Will it ever stop?" and below was some mysterious code:

while n > 1:
if n mod 2 = 0 then:
n = n/2
n = 3*n+3

Given the value of n (where 1 ≤ n ≤ 10^14), help Calden find out if the code will ever stop.
Print "Yes" if the program will stop, otherwise print "No".

Input: n = 4
Output: Yes

Input: n = 6
Output: No


The code will only stop when the value of n is 2

if (n && (n-1)==0)




  Saurabh Yadav
 Week 3  10/09/2018  Neil and Abhishek love candies and frequently visit the local candy shop. Neil and Abhishek have bought N candy packs. Packet i contains A[i] candies. Neil being the elder one is happy only if he has strictly more candies than Abhishek. However, Abhishek is happy only if the difference between their number of candies is not more than 1.
The shopkeeper agrees to help Neil and Abhishek by distributing the candies among them in a way that makes both of them happy. The shopkeeper can open the packs and distribute the candies even within a single pack to different people.

The first line will contain N, the number of candy packs.
The next line has N integers, the ith integer denoting A[i], the number of candies in the ith pack.

Output "YES" if it's possible for the shopkeeper to make both the brothers happy otherwise output "NO".

5 2

 if(total no. of candies%2 != 0):
    Print "NO"
 Leyton Dsilva
Week 4  22/09/2018
Identify if 3 integers- a, b and c are a Primitive Pythagorean Triple. 
A Primitive Pythagorean Triple is one in which a, b and c are coprime

(i.e., they have no common divisor greater than 1) and a^2 + b^2 = c^2. Write a program/algorithm which accepts 3 integers- a, b and c as input

and print a line with "YES" (without quotation marks) if the integers
given form a Primitive Pythagorean Triple, and "NO" otherwise. Example: Input: a = 5, b = 4, c = 3 Output: YES

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