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Academic Year 2019-20
Workshop Name Conducted by  Footfall  Date   Description
 Codechef Walkthrough  Saurabh Yadav, Ishmeet Kaur, Sanket Deshmukh, Mushira Shaikh  SE IT Class  01/08/2019  To Introduce SE's with the coding platforms Codechef and Hackerearth. To brief them about the importance of these coding platforms from industry point of view.
Mentorship Technical Team SE IT Class August-Sept 2019

Assigning some programming problems to mentees. Helping out the mentees with any difficulties that they might face in any concept. 

Presentation about Hackathons Roshan J, Calden R, Leeaa N,Nishant N

SE IT Class


Hackathons are great opportunity for every engineer to gain knowledge and skills and also to ignite the spark of innovation. The winners of various hackathons from fourth year of IT department conducted a session for the SE-IT students wherein they talked about what is hackathon, how to come up with ideas, and how to provide a solution.

Joomla workshop Sarah Solkar, Sanket Deshmukh 


30th and 31st August, 2019

Introduction to what is content management system and hands on  workshop on joomla.

Participants selected for internship with institute level website committee :

1.Viraj Gaonkar TE-IT

2.Ishmeet Kaur TE -IT         

Photoshop workshop and Battle Afif Shaikh, Sanika Bhagwat 15 31/08/2019

A hands on workshop on the basics of photoshop and the various tools. Also a competition on the same.

Winners: 1.Amanda D'Souza 2.Kshitij Rao   3.Vidit Prabhu

Coding premier league Saurabh, Prabodh, Sanket, Mushira.  32 18/09/2019

Coding premier league is a coding competition based on the concept of premier leagues, wherein the manager will bid for coders and the coders will code. 


1.Tanmay Joshi (TE-IT), Arjun Chavan (TE-COMPS), Rutvij Patil (SE-IT), Vallabh Khasnivas (SE-IT). 

2.Amod Sawant (SE-COMPS),Ishmeet Kaur (TE-IT),Ganesh Mastud (TE-IT),Hayden Cordeiro (SE-COMPS).

3.Fiona Coutinoh (SE-IT), Amanda D'cunha (SE-IT),Ankita Mahadik (TE-IT),Yash Bitla(TE-COMPS).              

EASYCODE 2019-2020

 Sr No.  Date  Winner
 EasyCode 1  18/08/19

1. Sachin Mishra

2. Deepak Bhandare

3. Aditya Virdhe

Easycode 2 26/08/19

1. Amanda D'cunha

2. Sahil Velhal

3. Deepak Bhandare

Easycode 3 12/09/2019

1. Vaishnav Ransubhe

2. Grejo Joby

3.Sahil Velhal

Easycode 4 25/09/2019

1.Ishmeet Kaur & Mushira Shaikh

2. Arjun Chavan & Yash Bitla

3. Sahil Velhal & Deepak Bhandare

By Calculating the total points scored by SE's in 4 easycodes. The following three are at the top:-

1.Sahil Velhal

2.Vaishnavi Ransubhe

3.Amanda D'cunha


TRIVIA 2019-2020

 Trivia Name  Date   Winner
 Week 1   27/08/2019  Sahil Velhal
 Week 2


  Jarryd D'Souza
 Week 3  16/09/2019

 Jarryd D'Souza

Sahil Velhal




Academic Year 2018-19
Workshop Name Conducted by  Footfall  Date   Description
 Codechef Walkthrough  Pratik N, Kyle L, Calden R, Chaitanyakrishna D  17  21/08/2018  To understand how to submit programming questions online on platforms like codechef and hackerearth and to get comfortable with it.
Mentorship Technical Team SEIT Class August-Sept 2018

Assigning some programming problems to mentees. Helping out the mentees with any difficulties that they might face in any concept. 

 Photoshop Battles  Creative Team  14  2/09/2018  A Photoshop Competition
 Bewebber  Sarah Solkar & Leeaa Nair  11  8-09-2018  Introduction to HTML, CSS, Javascript.
 Ethical Hacking Meetup Shadrak Gurupnor  20  10/09/2018  Introduction to ethical hacking.
Linux and PC Assembly Workshop  Calden Rodrigues & Sarah Solkar  10  19/01/2019  To learn and explore about the different components of PC. Introduction to Operating System and Linux Commands.
Git Workshop  Manu Dwivedi  38  21/02/2019  An introduction to Git commands as well as the working of Github.
Game Development Workshop  Ajay Sharma  54



Introduction to Python Programming. Use of the pygame library to build simple games.
Flask Workshop Shivam Mishra  23



Introduction to git. Implementation of book app using Flask. Brief introduction to Vue.js and Django. 

EASYCODE 2018-2019

 Sr No.  Date  Winner
 EasyCode 1  04/09/18

1. Leyton Dsilva

2. Mushira Shaikh

3. Viraj Tandel

 EasyCode 2  20/09/2018

1. Viraj Tandel

2.Sanket Deshmukh

3. Leyton Dsilva

 EasyCode 3  26/09/2018

 1. Pratik Nerurkar

2. Roshan James

3. Sanket Deshmukh

 EasyCode 4  29/09/2018

1. Kyle Lobo,         Roshan James

2. Sanket Deshmukh

3. Ankita Mahadik, Xavier Dsouza 

 TRIVIA 2018-2019

 Trivia Name  Date   Winner
 Week 1   20/08/2018  Mushira Shaikh
 Week 2


  Saurabh Yadav
 Week 3  10/09/2018  Leyton Dsilva



Academic Year 2017-18
Workshop Name Conducted by  Footfall  Date   Description
Photoshop Workshop Shivam Mishra  28  4th and 5th August 2017  Imparting basic and intermediate skills in Photoshop 
 VR Talk  Shivam Sai Gupta 112  21/08/2017  Introduction to VR and AR
Introduction to Linux Joel Braganza & Abhishek Nair  42  28/8/2017  Introduction Linux OS with commands and the concept of Open Source was introduced.
 Wordpress Workshop  Yash Agarwal, Vinayak Gaonkar  45  28/8/2017  Students were taught how to make websites and blogs with WordPress.
 ML Talk  Prof. Uday Nayak  70  25/9/2017  Understand the benefits of ML to society and technology.
 After Effects Yash Gupte, Meldon Dias, Christine Polly,Brian Castellino 31 02/09/2017  Understanding the post production of film making and television production.
 Blender Radhika Patil, Aishwarya Sasane  7  13/01/2018  Using the given tool to create animations, interactive 3D application, visual effects.


Academic Year 2016-17
Workshop Name Conducted by Footfall  Date  Description
 Photoshop Workshop  Arnab & Sharanya 22  22/08/2016 Photoshop is Adobe's photo editing, image creation and graphic design software. The students will be able to design photos, certificates, poster, banner.
Adobe Lightroom Workshop Arnab & Sharnya 9  03/10/2016 Lightroom is an image manipulation tool and is much more than a photo editor. It helps you to learn how to import, organize, manage, and find your images.
 Linux Workshop  Amit Nijsure  30  1/03/2017,2/03/2017  An introduction to Linux installation and commands
 Github Workshop  Amit Nijsure  40  3/03/2017 Understanding how Github can be used to control different versions of a project. 






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