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CSI, Computer Society of India is a student chapter in our college that gives students opportunities to hone their techinical skills and teaches them essential skills that are essential in the corporate world. Workshops are held by the senior student CSI members themselves for the rest of the members and college students as well. Also, students are alotted to various projects that are actually implemented in the college for practical purposes. The department websites for each of the various departments were prepared by the students enrolled in the CSI.

A little history about our CSI chapter.
The CSI-DBIT chapter in our college started in our college in 2003. In the year 2008-2009 CSi-DBIT had just 7 members at that time. The next year in 2009-2010 the number went up to 45 members. The batch of 2010-2011 have managed an amazing number of 109 students enrolled in the CSI. Also, since this year, along with the Academic Institution Membership, our college had Bulk CSI Student Membership for each of the 109 students for the first time in our college. As of now, the exact number of CSI members, is 193, with 134 new members who registered with CSI this year and 59 renewals or old members. We look forward to a great year with all its new members.


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