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Who are We? What do we Do?

About CSI

About CSI

CSI, Computer Society of India is a student chapter in our college that gives students opportunities to hone their techinical skills and teaches them essential skills...

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Game of Codes

Game of Codes

CSI-DBIT is hosting an inter-college event Game Of Codes. The event aims to check programming problem solving and logical thinking capability of the student. This event...

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Encore is an intercollegiate Technical Paper Presentation Contest organised by IT department of DBIT. The purpose of the competition is to encourage undergraduate...

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Some of the Workshops conducted by us

Take a look at some of the most recent work that our team has created.

Meet Our Amazing Team

Our Projects are built with the hard work of our amazing team.

Shiv Negi

Shiv Negi

Head of Department

Tayyabali Sayyad

Tayyabali Sayyad

Faculty Incharge

Aishwarya Pawar

Aishwarya Pawar


Viraj Harmalkar

Viraj Harmalkar

Asst. Chairperson

Sameer Pawar

Sameer Pawar

Technical Head

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Some More Members

Jincy Sam -Asst. Creative Head

Deepesh Gupta -Technical Team

Krupal Jadhav -Technical Team

Esmond Dsouza -Technical Team

Kavya Kotian -Publicity Team

Anjali Singh -Asst. Publicity Head

Danu Kalathingal -Creative Head

Renita Raphael -Reporting Head

Likitha Shettigar -Technical Team

Vidya Balani -Technical Team

Karan Manghi -Technical Team

Ambika Mam -Publicity Head

Sweety Davis -Creative Team

Teny Thomas -Creative Team

Divya Kumar -Asst. Technical Head

Manish Jain -Technical Team

Candida Rodrigues -Asst. Reporting Head

Erina Dsouza -Creative Team

Shivam Mishra -Creative Team

Brian Fernando -Reporting team

  • Jincy Sam
  • Deepesh Gupta
  • Krupal Jadhav
  • Esmond Dsouza
  • Kavya Kotian
  • Anjali Singh
  • Danu Kalathingal
  • Renita Raphael
  • Likitha Shettigar
  • Vidya Balani
  • Karan Manghi
  • Ambika Mam
  • Sweety Davis
  • Teny Thomas
  • Divya Kumar
  • Manish Jain
  • Candida Rodrigues
  • Erina Dsouza
  • Shivam Mishra
  • Brian Fernando